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Panorama Massif Central Circuit

10 avril 2023 - 11 avril 2050


Panorama Massif Central

As you journey through the Central Park, spotting wildlife through the trees and gliding over the gentle hills.

Our Guided Central Park Bike Tours are a perfect blend of movie scenes, classic architecture, historical attractions, celebrity sightings, and much more. Take a bicycle tour of the world's most famous urban park and experience New York in a completely unique, fun, and exhilarating way. On our guided bike tours you will help you see Central Park like you never could on foot.

We'll take you to see everything from the incredible Olmsted designed waterfall, pool and loch to the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. We make it easy to get your bike and get the most from your time in the Park.

Starting at $32

Skill level

Approx. time

2 Heures & 10 Min.


38,8 km

Additional tour info

Your guide will lead you to some of the most interesting spots, oversee your adventure, and provide the bits of history, pop culture, and more to complete the experience.

The Carousel, The Wollman Ice Skating Rink, The Plaza Hotel, and more.

Tour pricing

$37 for a Deluxe Infinity Shifting Bike
$49 for an Electric Bike
$32 for a Comfort Hybrid Bike
$32 for a Deluxe Comfort Mountain Bike
$48 for a Road Bike
$60 for a Comfort Tandem
$20 for a Youth Bike